Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crossing the floor

There is lot of confusion regarding the question of my crossing the floor to the Conservative Party after my election. I have received some very good press coverage from the Sherwood Park News, which I really appreciate, however the headline in last week’s paper has just added to this confusion. It seems some people read just the headline without reading the article.

To clarify my position I have outlined three key points on this issue:

1) An offer would have to come from the Conservative Party. I would not initiate any dialogue in this regard.

2) The offer would have to include something of significant benefit to my riding. I believe I can be a stronger voice for my riding as an independent than I could as a back bencher.

3) If I did receive an offer from the Conservative Party I would not make the decision without consulting my constituents. As I stated in the newspaper article last week, I would seek a vote by my constituents to determine your wishes and act accordingly. With the opportunities that exist on the internet it would be easy and cost effective to determine the consensus of my voters.

So, no I would not automatically be crossing the floor. I hope this clarifies my answer and if anyone would like to discuss this further I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you at my campaign office.


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Anonymous said...

Hello! It's good to know we DO have an alternative in this election -- I was getting really worried about how I would cast my vote - if, at all - because I absolutely WOULD NOT vote for Tim Uppal, even though I am a Conservative (not exactly accurate - I had that thrust upon me when the Reform Party merged), I cannot vote Liberal (my opinion of Dion is almost as low as that of Uppal!), and NDP is not even worthy of consideration! You have my support!

Also - I feel sufficiently comfortable with my decision to support you that I would be glad to have your sign on my lawn if you would like to put one there.